Sunday, July 3, 2011

So Long Cicadas. See Your Relatives In 4 Years!

While it lasted it was great fun.   But all good things come to an end.   Now it is a waiting game.  The 17 year Cicadas will make their return in just 4 more years.  

The 13 year Cicadas started emerging in the middle of May and soon the hillsides in the Missouri Ozarks were buzzing with them.  There were some misconceptions among fisherman about them.  Many thought that they would be on the streams the way mayflies and caddis flies are after a hatch.   That misconception may explain why we didn't see more folks fishing them.   Folks went to the stream, didn't see "clouds" of them and assumed that they weren't there.   We made 6 trips between the the 7th and 19th of June and caught more than our fair share.  True, we likely didn't see more than two dozen on the water in all those trips but Missouri's wild rainbows were fools for them.    Enough were falling out of the trees to keep the trout interested.

As these photos attest, Missouri's wild rainbow trout streams harbor some very nice fish!   It is going to be frustrating to fish them now and not get some of the fish we know are in them!

So Long Cicadas.  See Your Relatives in 4 Years!