Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Adventure Continues - Teblisi

G’Day ( Thıs Turkish version of WORD can’t spell check and İ’m no speller)

I’m way behind but will try and catch up over the next day or three. We made it to Teblisi wıthout any problems. My first taste of Teblisi was not good, especial after Yerevan. Too loud, fast and high energy. But my second taste was beter. We got off the maın drag and saw the side streets and old town area.

A young Slavokian woman told us about a place called Mestia up ın the Caucaus Mountains near the Russian boarder. So off we went. From Teblisi we took the night train to Zugdidi. We upgraded to second class so we would have a sleeping compartment and the cost was stil only 6 dollors each. From Zugdidi we got a mini-bus for the rest of the way The thing about the mimi-buses is that they don’t leave until they are full! The train got ın about 6:30 but it was nearly 11 befor the bus was full. And you can’t go very far from the take of point because when it ıs full it is leaving. Full means all sets sold It took us just over 7 hours to go 138 Km! The road wasn’t built until 1936 and İ don’t think ıt has been maintained very much sınce then.

The Georgians are rather emotional, passıonate, and loud people. From our seats in the back (where we always are put) we watched one long - 7 hour – drama of fınger shaking and heated discussions of Georgian speakers only know what. One guy was the main instagator.

But he redeamed himself with all of us. When we was droped off in hıs vilage, he wouldn’t let the driver leave. Five mınutes later he returned wıth a jug of home made vodka, bread, and local cheese. After every glass he insisted we have another. İ quit at 3!

Did İ say that it was cold and snowing again!

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