Thursday, March 3, 2011


I’ve only been home for 8 days and I’m already starting to get itchy feet and not just from not wearing waders in Chile!   Several destinations are calling to me but Mongolia is calling the loudest. 

Why Mongolia over the other potential places?  There are several reasons:
          1)  I’ve never been there,
          2)  I love traveling “off the grid”,
          3)  3 Salmonids and 5 grayling species , and
          4)  I’m not getting any younger.

This last reason is important.  Doing it on my own is going to be strenuous.  Norway for Arctic Char would be relatively simple.  Norway has a well-developed infrastructure.  An old guy can do that without too much trouble.  On the other hand, doing Mongolia on my own will be one hell of a challenge.   Yes, I could do it without too much effort through one of the outfitting companies that work there but it isn’t my way of traveling.  All I’d really have for the experience is a Mongolian visa stamp in my passport.  My appreciation for the people and their culture would be compromised.  (Editor’s note: A couple of people I know are convinced I’m a spy of some kind.  Fly fishing the world is a great cover!)

Over the next few months my intention is to keep you up to date on how I’m figuring this trip out, where I’m going and send you updates on my experiences.  Help me out by telling me, as that great philosopher of our time Bob Seger said, “What to leave in and what to leave out!”

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