Friday, January 27, 2012

A new Stream

After a day of housekeeping – as in cleaning two inches of dust out of the car – I went fishing yesterday.  Found a great mountain stream.  Actually re-found would be a better way to describe it.  A couple of years ago, when Ethan and I made the “Race the Sun” trip, we saw it and though that it might be worth investigating.  Yesterday I finally got to do it with Gerlof.  Access is relatively easy as a hiking trail parallels the stream for about 1.5 Km.  Where the trail turns away from the stream to bypass a gorge, I cut down to the stream and walked along it to where it hit the gorge.  Gerlof being still young and full of energy had to go up and over the gorge to see what is on the other side.  I did one of those “let’s see what is over that hill “ trips with him last year on the Perdogosa!  Not this year.

This stream has a relatively high gradient with a good combination of pockets and bigger pools.  For a confirmed small stream guy like me it is perfect.  And, the size of the rocks was just right for walking and wadding.  With no-felt soles this is more important than you might realize.

The stream just has the look of a Rainbow stream.  A couple of streams I’ve fished in the same general watershed have both Rainbows and Browns but this one only had Browns – while actually Gerlof did get one rainbow below the gorge.  And there were lots of Browns.  I’m not a fish counter.  For me it is more of a qualitative disruptive process:  OK, Fair number of fish, Good day, and One hell of a day.  Yesterday was One hell of a day.  It seemed like every pocket you popped 
your big fat foam fly had a Brown between 11 and 13 inches in it with more than

 a few 14 to 15 inch fish.   

I brought two video cameras with me on this trip.  I'm like a kid in a candy store with them.  To put it in prospective let me quote my son Ethan:  (Me) "E, did you see the videos I put on Facebook?"  (Ethan) " Sure did Pop, all 27 of them.  Your getting to be a geek!" (editors note:  I think I just but 3 or 4 up).

I'm not a geek.  If I was I'd know how to use them.  Take the helmet camera for example.   With fish after fish coming up to my fly I thought, "what a great place to use the helmet camera to catch the rise on video!"  Out of the bag comes the camera and on it goes.   I'm turning it on at each new run, catching a fish and turning it of to save the battery.  I'm sure I have some awesome footage.  NOT.
What I'm doing is taking a single "snapshot" each time.  Do have some nice wide angle shots.  And I think I now know how to use the camera in video mode.

I'll get some footage of a take yet!

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