Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling Like Lewis and Clark

I’ve been derelict in getting information about the time here in Patagonia down or you.   The best reason I have is I’ve been fishing too much and not had the time.  Last Saturday, the 11th was the first day since I got here on the 17th of January that I haven’t been out on the stream.

The weather has had a big impact on our fishing and our success.  Days with rain and wind have been good, days with just rain have been very good and the few days like yesterday with without either have been great!  Dealing with the wind has been the biggest problem for everyone.  Fifteen mile an hour winds are typical with gusts up to and over 40 MPH not uncommon.  If the river axis is just right it is OK.  Hell, I’ve made a few 60 foot roll casts.

Last week I found a way to go further up the Blanco than I had ever been before.  The river just kept getting better and better the higher I went.  Unfortunately it was late in the afternoon when I got into that gorge section.  The climbing and scarring over and around rocks was a challenge.  Knowing that most mountaineers are injured on the decent we decided not to push on further and risk injury trying to get out when we were tired and the light was fading.   On Sunday, while our legs were still relatively fresher, we reached the gorge.   It was well worth the effort to get there.  The section had everything you could ask for:  pockets, deep runs, and pools.  What makes it even better is that very few “gringos” have ever seen it or likely ever will.   With each step further in I got more and more excited.  I just wanted to see what is around the next bend.  I can only guess at how Lewis and Clark must have felt! 

Ethan, we have more river to explore!

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