Monday, March 1, 2010

Wading, Unencumbered, into Technology


In the last few months I’ve made historic leaps forward into this new world of communication. I now “Tweet”, have friends on Facebook, and am even thinking about getting an iPhone... for a techno-dwarf like me that is something. And now... a BLOG!

I resisted setting up a BLOG for one primary reason: I didn’t understand them. But after urging from some associates and doing some background research, I decided to do it. This folks, is my first entry.

As you can see from the title: Norm Crisp on Fly Fishing & His Travel Adventures,

I am going to be sharing my experiences and knowledge, which includes my successes and screw ups, in fly fishing and my travels around the US and the world. Initially there may be more entries on the travel side but I’ll be BLOGING about fly fishing and may even include an “editorial” BLOG or two as well.

The early focus on travel is simple. In late April I’m heading to Turkey, Armenia and Georgia with my son Dan for about a month, with a brief stop over in Prague. As I get ready, I will be BLOGING about things like figuring out bus and train schedules, visa requirements, health and safety, and as that great philosopher of our day Bob Seger said “what to leave in and what to leave out” of my backpack and what to leave at home.

So why go to Turkey, Armenia and Georgia? I want to go where I've never been and I want to catch a Trout in Asia. I have been briefly to Turkey years ago on my way to Bulgaria from Greece, but Armenia and Georgia are new terrain.

I’ve fished in Asia (Nepal) but never caught a trout there. Turkey, having native brown trout and being in Asia, will be a great place to check this off the list.

Its also about the booze.

Armenian brandy is by far the best brandy in the world. A friend of mine, Duane Brandt, has a connection for it in Glendale, California, but that is not quite the same as getting it from the source. Also, some years ago, while working in Russia, I was introduced to KINDZMARULI an interesting Georgian red wine. I haven’t had any in about 10 years. Now is my chance to get some more!

So here it is: my first Blog, with hopefully many more to come. I look forward to any and all comments and remarks or suggestions on topics.

All the Best, Norm

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  1. Glad to see the blog Norm. Looking forward to this. -- Matt Tucker