Friday, March 5, 2010

Packing for the Adventure

My Turkish adventure is still over a month away but I’m starting to get my gear together. I’m going to need a lot of space on the trip back for all the goodies I’ll accumulate. Airlines are charging a pretty dollar for checked bags. How do I maximize space for souvenirs and avoid the bag fees?

One way I’ll save on space for my return trip is to take as many dark clothes as possible. Dark clothes don’t show the dirt – and my case food spills – the way lighter colored clothes do. Since I’m hoping to go with just a carry on sized backpack and will be taking a fall back sleeping bag, being able to get a couple of days wear out of each item makes a difference. If I can reduce may outfits by a third, I’ll significantly increase my space.

A lady friend of mine once told me that the only advantage women have in adventure travel is that they can cover every situation with just a couple of pairs of jeans and a black dress. Visit a market during the day and go to the opera that night! Since it is rather unlikely that I’ll need anything fancy during my trip I’m going casual, and I’m going to go cheap casual.

As soon as I finish this, I’m off to visit a couple of thrift stores. I’m looking for some “gently’ worn dark pants and shirts and maybe a sweater. I have no compunction at all about leaving some dirty clothes behind as I travel. Since a great deal of my travel is to the second and third world, I’m sure it is appreciated. And not having to bring it home has made some space for a nice piece of pottery.

Every wonder how a Chicago Cub’s tee shirt found it’s way to Fez? Someone found something really neat in the Medina and needed just a bit more space in their backpack!

All the best


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