Friday, February 4, 2011

ET - Call It Home!

Two years ago I found a way to get to the Estero Turbio (editor’s note:  since I never get the pronunciation quite right now, at Ethan insistence, we refer to it as the ET) above the gorge section that stopped E and I a couple of days ago.  Just above the gorge two tributaries come together to form the ET.  The fishing is very good up there, especially the right descending tributary.   
Now that I’ve found the way in, fishing this area is a snap.  There is a wide spot on the road to park and an old gate to get through so you don’t have to climb the 7 strand wire fence.  Once through the gate it  is a simple stroll over the ridge to the river.   There is one small catch.  We ware quick dry shorts rather than waders.  The field we have to get through has a lot of a plant the locals call “hijo de puta”.  Look it up on google translate.  It is nice to get into the cold water after the walk.

The fishing is not very good.  It is very great.  And the surroundings are breath taking.  Rather than being “gorgy” it more of a steep valley like with rock outcrops and waterfalls of various heights.  In the lower section the banks are grass lined with some thorny brush.  The river is a series of sections of pocket water separated by long pools about 3 to 5 feet deep with the occasional 10 foot deep plunge pool.  As you get higher up the watershed, closer to cloud level, the stream side vegetation becomes more lush and wooded.  On the walk out yesterday, Randy said the area reminded him of scenes from “Lord of the Rings”.

All we catch are browns, and plenty of them.   Each trip up the river gives up a fair share of 18 inch plus fish.  Maybe even better is that the average fish is about 14 inches and there are a lot of them. 
To get the full value of the fish you have to see how big Randy is!

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