Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To busy fishing

Sorry I’ve been derelict in keeping you up to date on our ADVENTURES.  We have been getting in rather late most nights.  Add stopping for the “first fish” guy to by a beer and then getting diner and most nights it is pushing mid-night before we are really settled in.  Today we are going south toward Balmaceda.  Great little local place to eat lunch there so I have time to blog rather than make lunch.
Snow storms messed Randy and Max up.   

Randy got here a day early and Max got here a day late.  So they averaged out.  We fished the upper ET with Randy on the 3rd.  Randy is primarily a nympher.  Line control was a bit of an issue for him.   He tended to keep his rod tip up rather than pointed at the fly and wasn’t stripping in line fast enough.  Net result was when he tried to set the hook he was moving line rather than getting good contact with the fish.   Several good fish on but nothing landed. 
On the 5th we took them up to the Valley of the Moon.  Wind was not bad so we expected a banner day.  We got a couple of good fish, missed a few more and E put a fly over a 24 inch plus fish.  Fish never even looked at it than turned and casually swam downstream 50 feet and under a bank.

On the 6th we fished the Guillermo upstream of the Villa Ortaga bridge.  Lots of 10 to 13 inch rainbows, a few browns in that range, and as it typically is the biggest fish for Ethan.

Yesterday we were back at the upper ET.  E and randy when going to head well up while Max and I were going to fish the lower portion.  Plan was that Max and I would drive up to a simple walkout point we had found a few days ago and  pick them up in 4 and a half hours.  Well we got there 10 minutes late and they were 40 minutes late.  I expected it.   

“So how was it.” 
“OK for the ET.” 
“Really, just OK.”
“Ya, this was the best we could do.”

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