Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I’m all settled in here in Coyhaique!  Life is doing me well and I’m sure doing life well!  No CPR issues on the plane this year (last year I had an attack of extreme low blood pressure, passed out in the lavatory and the crew do CPR on me).  This year I had an entire center row to myself and sleep most of the 9 hour flight!
Albanians, Canadian’s, Australians and US citizens have to pay a fee a reciprocal entry fee to enter Chile.  I’m guessing that the Albanians are not a big revenue source. They staple a receipt for the fee in your passport.  The fee is good for the life of your passport.  I did a dumb thing last year when I got home and didn’t take my passport out of the pocket of my jeans before I washed them.  Just figured I have to pay again – a stupidity tax so to speak.  Well the fact that I have multiple Chilean entry visa stamps in my passport but no fee receipt cause a bit of a question.  Two clerks and two supervisors later they let me in without having to pay again.  I wish the Turks were that nice!
Well with that over it was straight through customs, on to SKY check in and a two hour wait for my flight to Balmaceda.  No problems at the Hertz counter or on the 50 Km drive to Coyhaique. 
I’m all unpacked, been to the ATM for cash, Full Fresh Supermarket for supplies and getting ready to head for my local favorite restaurant for dinner.
Oh by the way the SPOT doesn’t have coverage at least at Veronica’s.  I’ll keep trying so you can see where I am.

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