Tuesday, April 6, 2010


On any trip that can take you off the beaten path, it is a wise move to have a few things with you that might come in handy. I only made it to “Life Scout” ranking in Boy Scouts but I took the motto “Be Prepared” to heart.

Of course a basic first aid kit is a necessity. One we suggest for fly fishing http://streamsideadventures.com/tips-and-techniques/first-aid-kit.html will cover most of your needs. But what about non-injury situations? On a trip like my Eurasian Adventures a lot things can go wrong and cause potential problems beyond medical problems. My scout master, Howard George, for Troop 281 taught me well the importance of being prepared by carrying a “I’m ready for most anything kit”. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of space, but it can sure make life simpler when there is a problem.

It goes without saying that I always have a knife in my pocket or on my belt. I should carry a “Leatherman” type tool as well. (Note to Self – go to Micky’s tomorrow and get one!). But what else should you have ready? Here is a basic list I try to keep with me all the time:

Superglue. If it breaks there is a good chance that super glue will fix it. And,in extreme conditions you can use it close a serious wound. I have some medical grade that I carry. The vet supply section of a farm and ranch store will have it.

Dental Floss. Great for tying things up and a lot of other uses. Once on a mountain road in Idaho the accelerator linkage on a friend’s car broke. We made a “get us to civilization” one out of my dental floss.

Space Blanket. If you get cold and wet one of these little foil blankets will save your life. Even if your not going to go into hypothermia, if you are caught out someplace with only a barn to sleep in it sure make’s the night a little more bearable.

Single Edged Razor Blade. Super sharp and the small size makes them much better for having to cut something in tight quarters. Make sure you still carry a knife.

Latex Glove or Condom. There are stretchy and can be use for the same kind of thing you would use a little bungee cord for. Combine it with the dental floss and the space blanket and you have a crude but workable shelter. They can also be used as water vessels.

Waterproof Matches. There is nothing better than a fire to cheer you up when things are bleak. And, of course, keep you warmer if you are cold.

Alcohol Wipes. Make great fire starters.

There are a host of other things that you can include but before very long you end up with a kit that is getting to big to fit in a quart sized zip lock bag. Once it gets bigger than that there will be a tendency to leave it behind. Keep it to the bear essentials and keep it with you.

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  1. oops, thought I had posted, guess not .... that superglue ? Dentist told me once to take it on fishing trips, if any caps were to fall off ? easy to slip back on with SG ! :-)