Sunday, April 4, 2010


As my trip to Turkey, Georgia and Armenia draws closer it is time to prepare what I need for trout fishing in Turkey. First on the list is finding out where they are. I knew, from a paper I wrote many years ago in graduate school that brown trout are native to Turkey, I just had to find exactly where they are. Thank you GOOGLE! All I needed to do was make a few entries in the search box on my computer.

My first search attempt, while it seamed logical (Brown Trout Distribution Turkey) didn’t yield very good results. I got a lot of entries on Brown Trout and Turkey Distribution. Incidentally, if you want to fly fish and turkey hunt at the same location let me know.

Brown Trout Biology Turkey was the search phrase. This search resulted in several scientific papers written by or in collaboration with Turkish scientists. With most of the journal papers all I could see was the abstract. But with a few of them that was all I needed. If there was the name of a city, village or river in the abstract I had a starting place. Next came Google Earth. Just entered the location found in the abstract and hit enter!

Now I have three locations where Brown trout have be collected. For two of the studies the authors e-mail address was included. Both of them are getting an e-mail from me asking for more specifics.

What did I do before the internet?

Now I have to figure out how to get a fishing permit.

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  1. Hi Norm,
    Here's a link to some info on fishing in Turkey ... including something about getting a license.

    Negley Farson in his 1940's book Going Fishing talks about fishing in the Caucuses. Sounds like it will be an interesting trip.