Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We are in Jermuk today. Got here last night about 7 PM. COLD and snow off and on all day!. Jermuk is a decaying resort town from the soviet days. Two new big hotels and one smaller newer hotel. Two restaurants that we can go to - only guests at the hotels can eat there. Staying in one of the dilapidated old Soviet hotels. Clean and barely functional but only $12.00 each a night. This morning stopped in a little store and asked about coffee or tea. Woman running it went back in her quarters and fixed us tea and gave us bread with some greens cooked with eggs.

Tonight went to one of the restaurants and had a nice meal then went to the other and listen to some locals performing Armenian techno-pop music.

Tomorrow back to Yerevan and then start back north toward Tbilisi Georgia.

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