Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank You Delta! Norm is in Istanbul

Webmaster's Note: Norm tried to access his blog to post the following update, but was not successful. Instead, he emailed in the information and asked that I post it on his behalf.  I haven't a clue what time he arrived - his message came in at about 5:15 Wednesday morning. According to Norm:

I'm in Istanbul, thanks to Delta! The Delta folks in Boston were great. I just smiled and engaged them in what I was doing, and it made all the difference. Once they heard my story and what Dan and I were trying to do they made it happen. First, they tried to get me to Prague via Madrid, but the Madrid to Prague would not confirm. So, they sent me to Istanbul via New York, and sent Dan an email with my flight info and told him I would meet his plane from Prague to Istanbul.

The only down side was that I had to spend the night in the airport in Boston, had to fly out of Boston at 6:00 am, then spend 8 hours at JFK airport waiting for my flight to Istanbul. The flight was an added segment to get people back to the U.S. from Istanbul (because of the Iceland volcano eruption), so there were only about 50 people on the flight (it was a 767). I had an entire row all to myself, and slept all the way over on the 10 hour flight. Finally, after a 7 hour wait in Istanbul airport for Dan, we are now ready to begin our adventure.

What I learned - be nice to folks; smile, engage them, and be flexible. A wink when appropriate doesn't hurt.

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